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I am Rama,
Digital Media Enthusiast,
Based in Paris.

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Experienced individual with a unique combination of technical expertise, and managerial experience to lead the delivery and implementation of mission-critical projects.

Brink's | Paris - FRANCE

Change Manager | Jun 2023 - Present
  • Change Management.
  • Product Development.
  • Strategic Analysis.
  • Team Collaboration.

Light and Shadows | Paris - FRANCE

Project Manager | Feb 2022 - May 2023
  • Project Management.
  • Technical and Functional app specifications.
  • AGILE Influencer.
  • Production control and monitoring.

Danone | Rueil-Malmaison - FRANCE

IS Project Management Trainee | Oct 2020 - Aug 2021
  • Project Management
  • Service management.
  • Community management.
  • Chatbot.

Boks | Station F - PARIS

Marketing and Design | Feb 2020 - Jul 2020
  • Front-end development.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • AR Developer.
  • CRM.

Tracksolutions | BELGIUM

Digital Media Specialist | May 2019 - Present | Part time
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Event Management.
  • Content Generation.
  • Media Engineer.

Delroit | INDIA

Co-Founder | Dec 2015 - May 2018
  • Co-founded media consultancy.
  • Provided digital transformation solutions.
  • Led business plan development.
  • Built and managed team of IT professionals


(ALTERNANCE) | International Global Communications| 2020-2021


Masters in International Business | 2019-2020

IESEG School of Management

Bachelors in Visual Communication | 2015 - 2018

Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences

My Expertise

I am an open-minded individual with a proven track record in the field of Digital media.

Working with different brands in different countries on different projects have enabled me to learn and adapt new skills in the field of the digital medium. I am also happy to say that I am an automotive enthusiast and you can find me in Trackdays almost every month!



Knowledge management


Project Management

Media Consulting

Recent Works

Few of my recents projects. Feel free to discuss with me for more info.

Private Jet Configurator

ACJ TwoTwenty

Project Link

ACJ TwoTwenty ConfiguratorOur project is a cutting-edge virtual reality application developed for Airbus Corporate Jets, which allows clients to fully customize and experience their dream jet through extensive customization options, innovative NFC technology integration, and immersive VR capabilities.

Red Bull Media House

Virtual Fabio AR App

Augmented reality Application for Red Bull Media house

Digital Twin in VR

V-machina 3

Project Link

Virtual Machina (in short V-Machina) is a project funded by the EIT Manufacturing (EIT-M), which deals with the familiarization and training of students and practitioners working with industrial machinery and robots via Virtual Reality (VR). Recipient of the EIT-M Success Story Award 2020

VR Application


Confidential VR Application for one of the Saint Gobain companies to improve thier selling process



Proficient in using Confluence to manage and organize project documentation, ensuring effective collaboration and knowledge sharing among team members.

Project Management


Project Link

As an experienced user of Jira, I am proficient in creating and managing agile boards, workflows, custom fields, and reporting features to optimize project management and enhance team collaboration.


Service Management

Project Link

Proficient in ServiceNow's change management module, with experience managing end-to-end change processes including planning, review, approval, and implementation. Skilled in creating and maintaining change schedules, coordinating with stakeholders, and ensuring minimal impact to critical business operations..

Data Visualization

Power Bi Dashboards

Project Link

3D model reproduced from ED.

Facebook AR ad


Project Link

Enabled viewers to interact with Boks products to have an interactive experience about the functionality of the product.Click here or the project link to view the effect in your phone



Project Link

I made this illustration as a gift for Tracksolutions, They were the first to provide me with an opportunity to work with them when I arrived in Europe for my studies.

I've had the privilege to work with some of the best brands and Organizations over Europe.

Rama came spontaneously to our organisation because he saw potential. Since then, he is a loyal hard-working member of our crew. He has ideas, solutions for problems doesn't mind to work hard and making his hands dirty. Overall a great team member.

Rama is a very clever person, who can bond easily with everyone, listens and anticipates on exactly what is needed. He is a fast learner and is always on the lookout to perfection. You can always count on him, and it is in his nature to please and deliver only the very best! I would recommend everyone to work with him. You won’t be disappointed!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rama on several projects during our Master’s. I am amazed by Rama’s ability to take on digital challenges and lead projects. His deliveries were always very well executed and on time. Also, his collaborative skills managed to get the best out of every team member. I appreciate your work ethic, drive and motivation for solving problems. Best of Luck!

3 words to describe Ramakrishnan
Gifted | Passionate | Curious

- Gifted because he has the ability to work hard in developing his skills all by himself and yet stay humble and play along with a team. That's a gift
- Passionate because he puts his 100% into anything that he sets out to do. He does not easily give up when faced with challenges or roadblocks. And he is always hungry to become better in what he is good at.
- Curious because he likes to explore - be it in hobbies like automobiles and games, or in technology. And it is his curiosity that has taken him to such distances. All the best Rama. Proud of what you have achieved. Can't wait to see your future exploits

Rama is a cutting-edge technology enthusiast. He loves and is familiar with various technical jobs. He is also a good friend who is popular in life. If you need help, he will definitely stand up the first time

I rarely come across someone as skilled as Rama across multiple domains. I had the privilege of working with him across different environments as a Team member, workplace colleague, and classmate. He has a strong work ethic and a knack for diving deep into any area and understanding it thoroughly. What sets Ram apart is his ability to work with a very diverse team of people seamlessly, juggling projects across different domains. He goes out of his way to help coworkers and takes effort to forge meaningful professional relationships. Rama would be a great asset to any organization, and I wish him the best for future endeavours.

I have worked with Rama for 4 months during his intership at Boks (www.boks.app). During those months, he has implemented our CRM platform (linked to a woocomerce website), has done many website integrations and multiple graphic designs. It was a real delight to have him in the team as he is always eager to lend a hand on any tasks that can help out. He is a real team-player that brings a lot to the table thanks to his work dedication, quick learning abilities and social skills. Always ready for new challenges, he is constantly looking for ways to bring the business to the next level, what a pleasure !! Thanks Rama for all your work !!

Rama is a delightful contributor to my project through his tech support and admin help. You will enjoy working with him!

Always prepared for helping with every problem. The videos and pictures he made of us are absolutely gorgeous! Great job from a great person!